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Design and Analysis of Algorithms | Sem V| Information Technology |Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University Technology

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Kit ContentsIndex Sheet, Google Drive Link, Video Lectures Guide, Installation Guide
Lecture Duration25 Hours
Validity Period1 months & 12 Months
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Video LanguageHindi
Study Material LanguageEnglish
Applicable CourseEngineering
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The SkillSage Kit includes

1. Google Drive Link - which Includes lectures
2. Installation Guide
3. Video Lectures Guide

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Chapter I:




Complexity Analysis : Time and Space Complexity, Different Asymptotic notations – their mathematical significance

Divide and Conquer  : Basic method, use, Examples – Binary Search, Merge Sort, Quick Sort and their complexity.Heap Sort and its complexity. Dynamic Programming: Basic method, use, Examples – Matrix Chain Manipulation, All pair shortest paths, single source shortest path. Backtracking: Basic method, use, Examples – 8 queens problem, Graph coloring problem. Greedy Method:  Basic method, use, Examples – Knapsack problem, Job sequencing with deadlines, Minimum cost spanning ree by Prim’s and Kruskal’s algorithm.



10 Hr 12 min


Chapter II:




Lower Bound Theory : O(nlgn) bound for comparison sort

Disjoint set manipulation : Set manipulation algorithm like UNION-FIND, union by rank.

5 2Hr


Chapter III: 




 Graph traversal algorithm: Recapitulation , Breadth First Search(BFS) and Depth First Search(DFS) – Classification of edges - tree, forward, back and cross edges – complexity and comparison

String matching problem : Different techniques – Naive algorithm, string matching using finite automata, and Knuth, Morris, Pratt (KMP) algorithm with their complexities.

25 9 Hr 12 mins


Chapter IV: 




Amortized Analysis : Aggregate, Accounting, and Potential Method

Network Flow : Ford Fulkerson algorithm, Max-Flow Min-Cut theorem (Statement and Illustration)

5  1 Hr


Chapter V:




Matrix Manipulation Algorithm : Strassen’s matrix manipulation algorithm; application of matrix multiplication to solution of simultaneous. linear equations using LUP decomposition, Inversion of matrix and Boolean matrix multiplication

Notion of NP-completeness : P class, NP class, NP hard class, NP complete class – their interrelationship, Satisfiability problem, Cook’s theorem (Statement only), Clique decision problem

7  1 Hr 17 mins


Chapter VI:




Approximation Algorithms : Necessity of approximation scheme, performance guarantee, polynomial time approximation schemes, vertex cover problem, travelling salesman problem

 49 mins
  Total 79 24 Hr 30 mins

About the Faculty

he line which describe him best ''Engineer by Profession & Professor by PASSION!!!'' Punish Sir is one of the best faculty for Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology in Central India. He continously travels to different places such as Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Bhilai, Raipur, Amravati to impart his technical knowledge to students. He has more than 14 years of teaching experience in subjects related to CSE and IT like Computer Graphics, Operating System, DDA, Data Structure, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. Through continuous teaching he has developed deep understanding of technical concepts. His smooth way of teaching and digging deep into the concept of topic helps students to grasp the concepts taught by him at once and are able to recall and reproduce whatever they learn in his class. 

He is currently pursuing PhD in Machine Learning. He holds master degree MTech in Computer Science & Engineering and has graduation degree in Information Technology from YCCE, Nagpur. Currently he is associated with prestigious institute in Nagpur. He is also associated with GATE FORUM and helping students to clear GATE one of the most tough competitive exam.

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