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Microprocessors and Applications| Sem IV | Electronics Engineering | University of Mumbai

The Smart Class

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Kit ContentsIndex Sheet, Google Drive Link, Video Lectures Guide, Installation Guide
Lecture Duration26 Hours
Validity Period12 Months
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ModeGoogle Drive
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System RequirementWindows 7 & above | Ram: 2 GB | Processor: 2.0 GHz and above
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Applicable CourseEngineering
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The SkillSage Kit includes

1. Google Drive Link - which Includes lectures
2. Installation Guide
3. Video Lectures Guide

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Chapter I:




Intel 8086 Architecture: Major features of 8086 processor, 8086 CPU Architecture and the pipelined operation, Programmer’s Model, Memory Segmentation and 8086 pin description in detail. 


5 Hr


Chapter II:




Instruction Set of 8086 and Programming: Addressing modes of 8086, Instruction Set of 8086 microprocessor in detail, Assembler directives,Procedures and Macros, Programming 8086 in assembly language, Mixed mode Programming with C-language and assembly language. 


5 Hr 30 Mins


Chapter III: 




8086 Interrupts: Interrupt types in 8086, Dedicated interrupts, Software interrupts, Programming examples related to INT 21H (DOS Interrupts). 


4 Hr 10 Mins


Chapter IV: 




Designing the 8086 CPU module: Generating the 8086 System Clock and Reset Signals using 8284 clock generator, 8086 Minimum and Maximum Mode CPU Modules, Minimum and Maximum Mode TimingDiagrams, Memory interfacing. 


4 Hr 20 Mins


Chapter V:




Single Board Computer Design:  8086 – 8087 coprocessor interfacing. Functional Block Diagram and description, Operating Modes, Control Word Formats and Applications of the Peripheral Controllers - 8255-PPI,8259- PIC and 8237-DMAC. Keyboard and Seven Segment Display Interface using 8255. System design using peripheral controllers.


4 Hr 45 Mins


Chapter VI:




Introduction to 32-bit Intel Pentium Architecture: Features of Pentium Processor, Pentium Superscalar architecture, Pipelining, Branch Prediction, Instruction and Data cache. 


3 Hr 




26 Hr 45 Mins

About the Faculty

Akash Dhok is a renowned faculty for Microprocessor and Microcontroller. Akash sir is very famous among his students due to his simple yet powerful way of teaching and the way of explaining the most difficult concepts in a very simple way. He has 12 Years of experience in teaching Microprocessor 8085, 8086, 80386 and Microcontroller 8051.

He has completed BE in Computer Technology from YCCE College Nagpur and ME in Embedded Computing Systems from G.H. Raisoni College, Nagpur.

Currently he is a director of "The Smart Class" coaching institute at Nagpur.